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Why Choose Us?

Web60/Web trực tuyến is a specialized platform providing websites and content management systems. We are delighted to work with you in creating an outstanding website for your business.


Affordable cost without compromising quality.

Stable & Reliable

Ensure your website is always functioning well and protected.


It takes only 60 minutes for you to create your own website.


We provide a range of services to meet your online business needs. With a combination of professionalism, creativity, and effectiveness, we work with you to achieve your successful goals. Below are the services we offer:

System Maintenance / Hosting

With reliable and stable hosting, we ensure that your website operates continuously and is accessed quickly.

Web Design

Our professional web design team will create an attractive interface, custom functionality, and a good user experience for your website.

Domain Name Registration

We will support you in registering and purchasing a domain name that suits your brand and business goals.

Run Ad Campaigns

With knowledge and experience in online advertising, we will help you enhance your presence and reach the right target audience through effective advertising campaigns.


Webtructuyen offers a rapid website creation service in just 60 minutes. You can choose from our ready-made templates, and you'll have a high-quality, professional website instantly. Moreover, our websites are compatible with most devices on the market!

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  • Real Estate Template
  • E-commerce website
  • Company template
  • Cosmetics sales template

Mẫu T001

Web tham khảo: http://t001.web60.vn

Mẫu T070

Mẫu T026

Web tham khảo: http://t026.web60.vn

Mẫu T078

Web tham khảo http://t078.web60.vn

Mẫu T065

Web tham khảo: http://t065.web60.vn

Mẫu T004

Web tham khảo: http://t004.web60.vn

Mẫu T063

Web tham khảo: http://t063.web60.vn

Mẫu T066

Web tham khảo: http://t066.web60.vn

Mẫu T077

Mẫu T082

Mẫu T065

Web tham khảo: http://t065.web60.vn

Frequently Asked Questions Webtructuyen

  • Do you provide website creation services for all business fields?

    We provide website creation services for all business fields. We are not limited to a specific industry or business type, and we are ready to assist you in building a website that meets your requirements and goals.

  • We provide a range of pre-designed interface templates for you to choose from. You can customize colors, images, content, and logos to align with your brand. Additionally, we have the capability to customize specific features and functionalities to meet your unique needs.

  • Absolutely! We provide an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) platform that helps you manage content on your website effortlessly. You can add, edit, and delete content, images, and videos without requiring specialized technical knowledge.

  • Of course! The websites we create are optimized to be compatible with various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. This ensures that your customers have a great experience, easy access, and interaction with the content on all devices.


Affordable and flexible prices. We offer service packages to suit your needs. Take a look at the pricing table below to find the package that's right for you.

Basic Package


(First-year package)

  • Annual Maintenance
  • From the 2nd year
  • 1,199,000 VND/year
  • Website Interface
  • Select from the top 20 templates
  • Domain Name
  • (Not included)
  • Free Domain Setup
  • Lifetime Warranty

Flexible Package

Contact for Quote

  • Annual Maintenance
  • From the 2nd year
  • 1,899,000 VND/year
  • Website Interface
  • As per request
  • Domain Name
  • 300,000 VND
  • Subsequent years' renewal fee based on provider's price
  • Lifetime Warranty


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